Bringing ideas into reality. Ecompak is a company with a mentality of growing along with businesses - by bringing new and innovative tools which will aid you through each phase of your packaging development.  

We value the knowledge that good packaging adds to the worth of a good end product.


Ecompak. Is a company that brings new innovations and quality packaging at an economical price. Whether it be for personal or commercial use, we provide the perfect platform for you to acquire the tools you need in growing and further developing your business. Opening the door to what you truly need in delivering good quality products or services you can be proud of. We recognized the need for a local packaging and shipping supply distributor.

We believe that sourcing out the finest quality and best selection of products is directly equal to good service. And good service is equal to a flourishing life for your business.


As creative close partners, we wish to exceed our customer’s expectations by choosing solutions and excellent service. Delivering speed, passion and our full attention with every order.

We would love the opportunity to impress you. Please call or email us with your ideas or needs, and bring your ideas to reality.